238 chemin Pépin , Roxton Falls


Une ile, une rivière, tout pour plaire...!

Règlements Camping de l'Ile

    (To ensure a peacefull cohabitation and respect for all) 

      Time of arrival and departure
      Camping site :  Arrival 13h
  Departure 13h - After a stay of 2 nights, it is possible to leave at 16h if your location is not booked 
                                                                                      (check the morning of departure).                                                                                                            Ready to camp : Arrival 14h  Departure 11h

  1.  Maximum speed 8km/h, no circulation allowed between 23h and 8h.

  2.  Visitors : must register and pay the access fee upon arrival. They must leave before 22:30. If a visitor wishes to spend the night, he 
       must register at the reception before 21h. He must post the visit card in his vehicle at all times and give it to the reception desk             when he leaves. It is forbidden to lend the access card for the barrier to your visitors.

  3.  Pool :  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Babies wearing diapers must wear a pool diaper (available at the
                    recption) at the pool and water games.

  4. Trampoline : Children under 52 inches tall be accompanied by an adult.

  5.  Noise, music: Noise or music disturbing neighbors is not tolerated at all times.

  6.  Potable water: It is forbidden to wash your vehicles, RVs or waste water in any other way.

  7.  Trees: It is forbidden to cut branches or to damage trees.

  8.  Bicycles : must be stored at dusk.

  9.  Motorcycles, scooters and electric bicycles : are allowed only to get to your site (no ballad in the field), except for people with                 limited mobility (with vignette).

  10.  Children's carts: scooters and other electric toys for children are forbidden

  11. Golf Kart: prohibited on the field, unless you have a vignette for people with reduced mobility 

  12.  Fireworks or firecrackers prohibited.

  13. CAMP FIRE: must be lit in the space provided for this purpose and supplied in a reasonable way. Must be always under                             surveillance. Must not be fed after curfew time (23h). It is allowed to stay at the fire pit for one hour after the curfew, but you                   must not make noise that can be heard by your neighbors. At midnight, the fire must be extinguished. Burning garbage in fire           pits is forbidden.  *** DO NOT MOVE THE FIRE PITS ***

  14.  Bottles or glass containers are allowed only at your location (with caution).

  15. Portable toilets should be emptied and cleaned at the emptying station.

  16. CURFEW : 23h to 8h. No noise likely to be heard from neighborhood is permitted. Visitors must leave before 22:30 (if they wish to          spend the night, they must register before 21h at the reception). 

  17. SMOKING: It is forbidden to smoke in buildings, playground, swimming pool, water games.

  18. Campers and visitors are responsible for their actions and property

  19. Garbage and recycling: waste and recyclable materials must be brought in the containers provided for this purpose. You are                 responsible for leaving the location clean for your departure and must extinguish your campfire.

  20. PETS: Not allowed when you book a ready to camp (caravan and chalet). It is possible to bring your pet when you book a
       campsite. At all times, your pet must be kept on a leash and always under surveillance. It must not disturb the neighborhood               (barking). It does not have access to buildings, playgrounds, the pool and the entire water games section, including paved                     sidewalks leading to water games. During your outings, do not leave him alone, a pension is available near the campsite (the                 Canin Teg Center). During the walk, it must be kept on a short leash. Note that a child under 12 must be accompanied by an                   adult to walk the animal. The walker must have in his possession pick up bags. You are responsible for picking up the feces from         your pet, no matter where. Please, always throw the bag in one of the bins provided for this purpose or in a green waste                           container (one near the bridge on the island and another at the exit of the campsite).
*** Forbidden breeds: Pit bull, cane corso, american bull terrier, staffordshire, doberman, rotweiller, German shepherd, husky                       (or crossed with one of these breeds) and any other animal that is noisy or can intimidate or show aggression. The animals
                   of your visitors are not allowed
. Fee of $ 3.50 / day for a second animal, maximum of 2 per site. You must apply these rules                        at all times so that your pet has access to the site. 

We are counting on your cooperation to make your stay more enjoyable!

Non-compliance with a rule is punishable by expulsion without refund and the management reserves the right to prohibit access to the site to anything that will not be observed by these rules.